VitalDB to EDF converter

vital2edf converts a file in VitalDB format to EDF (European Data Format).

VitalDB files are compressed using GZIP and they need to be decompressed first
before using this converter. For example, the command:

gunzip -k -S .vital 0053.vital

will create a new file 0053 which is the uncompressed VitalDB file.
Now run:

vital2edf 0053

which will create the file 0053.edf.
After that, the decompressed file 0053 is no longer needed and can be deleted if you wish.


Compiling and installing on Debian Linux and derivatives (Ubuntu, Mint, Raspberry Pi OS, etc.)

Simply execute the following commands in a terminal:

  sudo apt update
  sudo apt install build-essential gcc make git
  git clone
  cd vital2edf


  gunzip -k -S .vital 0053.vital

  vital2edf 0053

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