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Data Fields
edf_param_struct Struct Reference

#include <edflib.h>

Data Fields

char label [17]
long long smp_in_file
double phys_max
double phys_min
int dig_max
int dig_min
int smp_in_datarecord
char physdimension [9]
char prefilter [81]
char transducer [81]

Detailed Description

This structure contains the signal parameters.

Field Documentation

◆ label

char edf_param_struct::label[17]

Label (name) of the signal, null-terminated string.

◆ smp_in_file

long long edf_param_struct::smp_in_file

Number of samples in the file.

◆ phys_max

double edf_param_struct::phys_max

Physical maximum, usually the maximum input of the ADC.

◆ phys_min

double edf_param_struct::phys_min

Physical minimum, usually the minimum input of the ADC.

◆ dig_max

int edf_param_struct::dig_max

Digital maximum, usually the maximum output of the ADC, cannot not be higher than 32767 for EDF or 8388607 for BDF.

◆ dig_min

int edf_param_struct::dig_min

Digital minimum, usually the minimum output of the ADC, cannot not be lower than -32768 for EDF or -8388608 for BDF.

◆ smp_in_datarecord

int edf_param_struct::smp_in_datarecord

Number of samplesin a datarecord, if the datarecord has a duration of one second (default), then it equals the sample rate.

◆ physdimension

char edf_param_struct::physdimension[9]

Physical dimension (unit, e.g. uV, bpm, mA, etc.), null-terminated string.

◆ prefilter

char edf_param_struct::prefilter[81]

Prefilter settings, null-terminated string.

◆ transducer

char edf_param_struct::transducer[81]

Transducer (sensor), null-terminated string.

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