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Data Fields
edf_annotation_struct Struct Reference

#include <edflib.h>

Data Fields

long long onset
long long duration_l
char duration [20]
char annotation [EDFLIB_MAX_ANNOTATION_LEN+1]

Detailed Description

This structure is used for annotations/events/triggers.

Field Documentation

◆ onset

long long edf_annotation_struct::onset

Onset time of the event, expressed in units of 100 nanoseconds and relative to the start of the recording.

◆ duration_l

long long edf_annotation_struct::duration_l

Duration, expressed in units of 100 nanoseconds, if less than zero: unused or not applicable.

◆ duration

char edf_annotation_struct::duration[20]

Duration, expressed in seconds, this is a null-terminated ASCII string.

◆ annotation

char edf_annotation_struct::annotation[EDFLIB_MAX_ANNOTATION_LEN+1]

Description of the annotation/event/trigger, this is a null-terminated UTF8 string.

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