EDF test file generator

A commandline tool that generates files in the European Data Format, containing a signal with sine, square, ramp, triangular or noise waveform.
Samplefrequency, signalfrequency, dutycycle and amplitude can be freely chosen.

Download & Compile

 git clone https://gitlab.com/Teuniz/edf-test-generator-console.git

 cd edf-test-generator-console



 edf_generator <filetype edf or bdf> <duration in seconds> <sample frequency> <signal frequency Hz>
 <waveform sine, square, ramp or triangle> <dutycycle %> [<physical max> <physical min> <peak amplitude>
 <physical dimension> [<digital max> <digital min>]]


edf_generator edf 10 1000 1 sine 50
EDF file, 10 seconds recording length, 1KHz samplerate, sine wave of 1Hz

edf_generator edf 30 113 3.2 square 50 3200 -3200 100 uV
EDF file, 30 seconds recording length, 113Hz samplerate, square wave of 3.2Hz, duty cycle 50%,
3200 physical maximum, -3200 physical minimum, 100uV peak amplitude

edf_generator bdf 10 1000 1.5 ramp 10.5 1000 -1000 300 mV 1048575 -1048576
BDF file, 10 seconds recording length, 1KHz samplerate, triangular wave of 1.5Hz, duty cycle 10.5%,
1000 physical maximum, -1000 physical minimum, 300mV peak amplitude, 1048575 digital maximum, -1048576 digital minimum

edf_generator bdf 20 512 3.7 triangle 100 1000 -1000 300 uV
BDF file, 20 seconds recording length, 512Hz samplerate, triangular wave of 3.7Hz, duty cycle 100%,
1000 physical maximum, -1000 physical minimum, 300uV peak amplitude

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